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Hotel Manju Palace owns and operates extreme luxury rooms, and lavish restaurants Hotel Manju Palace welcomes visitors with the finest indulgences it has to offer.

Nandkishor L. Adkatalwar – Managing Director, the hotel reflects his passion for design and has an incomparable charm to it. The signature lifestyle destination stands out for its distinctive architecture, unique interiors, picturesque locations, landscape gardens,

Our global experiences have been responsible for the philosophy that is followed at Hotel Manju Palace. It has helped us understand that spare time, however little, is a luxury that should be utilised in a way so as to make the most of it. In order to help you do this, Hotel Manju Palace services at with all modern amenities and a fine dining experience.

From the moment you enter the premises, you will be submerged in a world that is filled with both excitement and luxury. It has captivated everyone with its offerings for both families as well as corporate and has become the finest example of a luxury getaway.

Weddings, parties, live shows, product launches and corporate events in any of the indoor venues.


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